good Thohts of view,,

when I lay down at night I still “pray” / “meditate peacefully to sleep”, i choose to believe in a ” creator” or ” large loving presence that somehow connects” my mantra and core belief is love all period. Zero judgment upon anyone not hurting others. Nothing material is worth fighting over. No Illness should go without equal treatments in any case period. And also of those the obvious etc. I figured with this I have no need for names, titles of division or to a rule of devotion other than kindness. This is the “all as 1” theory of my own understanding . Personally I love to travel and find joy with the outer/inner space of music and love. And I live in America. So I am an American Music Nomad even when I’m stationary in a house. I feel strongly in my experience that this suits myself and if one other person could relate then how cool would that be! Now one thing I do have on my side is that my son thinks this is cool which means a whole lot in itself because he will definitely let me know if I was completely off my rocker! wishing all a very peaceful New Year !!

song list,,,’ fade away’ bye Rebelution,,,,’ never going to break your heart’ by Trevor Hall,,,,’ moon\ sun’ by Trevor Hall,,,,,’ times like these’ by xavier Rudd,,,’ we’re on time’ by Nicko and medicine for the people,,,’Save yourself’ by Kaleo ,,,’ woman’ by Mumford & Sons,,,’ keep your head up’ by Ben Howard,,,,’ home’ by Sam Garrett,,,,,’ more than love’ my Trevor Hall,,,’Lay me down’ by satsang


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