so today I thought,,,

i would look up a little more about Thoth and to my absolute surprise I came across website called this thing called tablet #3 #4 . and its just amazing how I can align with these things from thousands of years ago but had to put up such a struggle along the way to follow my core beliefs and the music that sang the same song, that’s all I have to say on the matter, another great synchronicity in real time! maybe I personally had to be 50 to have the patients to read through the ‘thys’ and thous’ lol wrapping up this portion , must be the season of these things I guess ? idk.

wrote this yesterday,,, so amazing and true seeking truth to get to you. So many times I have stumbled astray, as I rose up again, with your music of inspiration to keep trying and reaching ,is what led my way. A glimpse in the presence of you, a brotherhood of man at that moment so true, where I began, Sweating and dancing in that auditorium, when all at once I knew. Time has passed so many roads now in the gray, so many petals falling away, Thank you and thank you again in this sort of different way. This riddle relieved, i always believed, and waded through water where love is achieved. Knowing the what,and what I knew, But lingering to the thought of who. This path I would almost have no other way, almost because of all the sad and lonely of the day. Never a book could show me and never believed or felt I owed, but shown in truth, The weight of the world will lighten the load. finding seeds so deeply sewn, the living synchronicity of love light is shown.


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