your good time is A1A….

going to a festival as a relief from the daily grind is a fantastic way to relax! Think about this versus a night out for a couple drinks. Friday after work you get a little road trip, as soon as you get parked you’re done for the week! You get out of the car crack open and ice cold beverage or fire up a fantastic herb or even both , If you’re legal to do so! And you may decide to do nothing but enjoy the relief of your weekend of music and adventure, needing nothing but the air you breathe! It’s all good either way! The point is, no worries of driving for the next two nights,and stepping outside the four walls of responsibility! I believe we all need this from time to time! To cut loose and celebrate among your peers. set up for your camping situation, enjoying the fact that your only destination is to make it back to camp by Sunday! Nothing else matters but you’re a good time! There is absolutely no reason for an alarm unless you’re doing fun activities scheduled or are making sure You see some act or music of your choice! This is why we keep coming back! And what can grow from this good time can be amazing! Just be you!


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