plans lol…

i plan to take my 10 and 28 year old to see DSO tomorrow. This will be my daughter’s first concert setting. she loves festivals So we’ll see what she thinks of this. Typically other little ones will be there as well. When my son was her age he and friends would chase the beach balls that the fans would throw up in the air. When they hit the groundI t’s typically Whoever picks it up Usually throws it or what not But the kids Would search for when they hit the ground,Being fair game, they would grab them and go play ball with them lol I always imagined what it would be like to look down and see a little kids grabbing a beach ball and scurry off lol surely It gave many a good laugh!

What a great joy kids bring to this picture! The Smiles definitely out way the frowns in my ledger! Also the fears are great as well ! Always worried about injuries and everything else lol the balance is real! Speaking of balance , we just learned that the amphitheater is all seating And no lawn area for viewing which means the kids and families must be in a row seating . So we are going to stay home and relax this saturday evening, also adding an additional hour at the pool. The balance of taking younger ones to the show for me is that they too can interact with others kids and families and have a social time as well.

Songs during this, are,,,,’ and it’s stoned me’ my Van Morrison,,,,,,’ flowers in your hair’ by Lumineers ,,,,’second chances’ By Gregory Allen Isakov,,,,,’ travelin’ light’ by widespread panic

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